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Game Rules
  • Half-court game to 20 points.
  • All field goals are worth 1 point. There are no "3 pointers".
  • The winner is the first to 20 points winning by 2, up to a maximum of 30 points. For   example, 20-18, 26-24, and 30-29. .
  • The player fouled is responsible for making the call. All calls are final.
  • The ball must be "taken back" on change of possession. The 3-pt line should be  considered the "take back" line. If a 3-pt line is not available, all balls should be "taken    back" to the top of the key.
  • Possession changes after all shots made.
  • You must check the ball after made shots.
  • You must play at higher ranking player/team's location.
  • Both players/teams should bring a ball but higher ranking player/team gets to choose.
  • The player fouled is responsible for making the call. All calls are final.
  • Higher ranking player/team makes decision for all game rules not addressed.
How to make a Challenge
  • You may challenge anyone on the ladder from your Home Court
  • Your opponent will receive the challenge via an email through our system
  • Challenged players/teams must accept or reject the challenge from their Home Court   AND email their opponent with their preferred time and location
  • If you do not hear from your opponent after a challenge, please contact them from your   Home Court and remind them to accept the challenge .
  • The challenged player/team must accept/reject the challenge from their Home Court  AND  respond to the challenger via email within 1 week. Failure to reply will result in a 2-position  rankings drop penalty.
  • Challenger attempts to play at the higher-ranking player/team's location.
How to move up the ladder
  • Players/Teams are placed at the bottom of the ladder ranking when they sign-up
  • Players/Teams may challenge anyone on the ladder
  • Players/Teams move up 3 positions max if they win their challenge
  • If you are challenged and lose, you move down one spot
  • No ranking change occurs if a challenge was unsuccessful
The two week Rule
  It is to your benefit to play games within the two-week periods. At the end of every two-week period, players/teams that have played a game are moved up the ladder until they bump into another player/team that has played a game. Then the player/team that was bumped into is moved up the ladder until that player/team bumps into another player/team that has played a game. You can move up the ladder very quickly simply by playing games regardless of whether you win or lose. After players/teams are moved up the ladder, the same process is used to move players/teams that have not played down the ladder. Therefore, if you have not played a game during the two-week time period, you will be moved down the ladder an unlimited number of positions until you bump into someone else that has not played. Then that person will be moved down until they bump into someone else who has not played.
Holiday Status
  You may turn your Holiday Status on for a total of 45 days per year. When your holiday status is on, opponents can not contact you for games and you will not lose your spot in the Ladder rankings.
Key to Success
  • Accept or reject ALL game requests from your Home Court.
  • Play regularly or put your account on Holiday Status from your Home Court.
  • Show up on time for all scheduled games.
  • Bring a ball to each game.
  • Pick a location that is not too busy for game play.
  • When in doubt, the higher ranking team/player makes the decision.
FAQ Challenge Someone to Some Hoops and Move Up the Ladder
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