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How does BBALLIN work?

It's real simple - create your profile and start playin' hoops. Seriously - it's that easy!

BBALLIN's Unique!
We use an extremely cool, yet simple, ranking system for both 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 basketball league formats. Each time you play, you'll post your results in your profile and our system will automatically update the rankings, records, and how often you play. Your goal is obviously to be at the top of the rankings so the more you play, the more chances you have at winning prizes, recognition, and other cool stuff along the way.
BBALLIN's for Everyone.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced baller, our fun and friendly format lets you challenge others of your same skill to basketball games on your schedule.
BBALLIN's Flexible.
This ain't your grandpa's league… play when you want, where you want - you make the schedule. And it's incredibly easy - just challenge anyone on your ladder to a game. If your opponent accepts your challenge, you'll pick the date, time and location of your games at the local parks and courts in your area. The best thing about BBALLIN is that it fits your schedule… and it's 100% FREE!
BBALLIN's Challenging.
Ever go to the park and find 10 year olds runnin' and gunnin'? Or it's the opposite - players all 6'6", 225! BBALLIN allows you to play quality games against opponents with the same skills as you. And if you're looking to develop your game, challenge new opponents who are slightly more advanced that you. The more games you play the better you become… and the better chances you'll have at winning some cool prizes and other stuff!
BBALLIN's a Great Way to Meet Local Basketball Players.
More important than winning is the new and interesting people you'll meet. If you're playing with the same two or three people all the time, you're not experiencing one of the best rewards of being involved with basketball! So, get out there and start making challenges and meeting new people with the same interests as you.
How do the rankings work?
It’s real simple - you move up for playing games and winning! You move down for not playing games and losing. You’re placed at the bottom when you sign-up. You choose who and when you want to challenge. Our system will automatically calculate your ranking as you enter your results. Dude - it’s that easy, the more you play and win, the higher your rank!
How do i make a challenge?
Challenging opponents is easy! Just challenge anyone in the rankings to a game using our friendly interface. If your opponent accepts your challenge, you will pick the time and location of your game at the courts in your area. You may challenge anyone in the rankings and you may play as little or as often as you want.
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